Friday, 17 June 2016

Crystalline studio

We capture your beautiful moments. Crystalline custom design your album to tell the unique story of your wedding. Every moment of wedding affairs is full of emotions, rituals and spontaneous reactions & actions. They happen instantly and disappear in the next moment but their memories linger in your mind for years and the best way to re-cherish those moments is a photograph, as fresh and lively the way those memories are. We shoot in an unique, story-telling style meant to reflect the individuality of you and your guests.
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A candid wedding photography is the mixture of photography and a story telling with the help of the photographs and it creates memories that last long. The wedding photography behaves as an eye to your ceremony. Each and every moment is beautifully captured by them. All these pictures taken by the photographers of the ceremony create an amazing art work of all the activities of the ceremony. Determining what kind of photography you want is not so easy to decide. You may have different choices such as traditional Christian wedding photography, or a candid wedding photography or may be a journalistic one.

Why candid photography is preferable?

Candid photography is considered to be the most interesting photography in the present times. The pictures taken by the photographer aren’t posed and a real life moment is captured. This, later on, gives a realistic feel of presence even when cherishing memories in future. This photography possesses the real happiness on everyone’s faces, the love of the couple and lot more of a realistic view. These photography give such a realistic feel that when you see the photos of emotional moments, you tend to get an emotional event at that moment. And suddenly when you find some funny moment captured, the photos give a feel as if the laughter moment has just happened. Candid photography is one of the unique styles of capturing moments in Hindu wedding in kerala. It can surely be the best choice opted as they keep you attached to the most special moments even when you look at them after years.

A story telling moment

Candid photography captures each and every moment of the ceremony in a realistic way. It is possessed in a way that it tells the story of the entire ceremony in just few snapshots. A candid photography thus creates a story using your wedding photos. It presents you with the entire story of what happened in the special day. You can also recollect any moment from the photography that you may have missed on the wedding day.

Give proper directions to the photographer

Choose the right photographer by ensuring that the photographer has understood what you expect from the photos of the entire ceremony. Explain him all those activities in the wedding that he needs to mainly focus on while capturing the moments. When you are in the ceremony, and the photographer comes near you to capture the photos, you will know what moment he is capturing due to the flash lights or the sound of the camera. Thus, it is always better to ignore the camera and concentrate on whatever you do. This will give a natural look in the photography. To complete every moment of the ceremony along with keeping a memory for it, candid photography is the highly recommended type of photography. This will turn to be the best option for you to get everlasting memories of each and every moment.
Tips to remember if you do the candid photography yourself
1. Carry the camera always: you never know where you get to capture the best scene. Thus is necessary to carry the camera always.
2. The switch of the flash mode: switch off the flash mode of the camera as it draws the attention of people towards the camera and a natural scene is not captured.
3. Take numerous photos: it is important so that that you can decide the best captures.
4. Right position- do not ask people to position themselves, the more naturally they behave, better the captures are. Find suitable places where you can take the photos easily and capture the maximum number of guests.